Ballast Flexyglue 16oz, Art# BG1610

Best bargain ! Do the math, if you are building your layout, you sure need a lot of ballast and Flexyglue to keep it in place. 

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Syringe for H0 scale, Art# AC01H0

8oz H0 set, Art# BG08H0

Same as BG08NZ but for H0 scale, good for up to 20ft., depending on the type of roadbed.

Patent Pending on Ballast Flexyglue

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8oz N and Z scale set, Art# BG08NZ

Get ready to go for up to 30ft of track in N scale and even more in Z scale ( Not tested ), depending on the type of roadbed you use.

Patent Pending on Ballast Flexyglue

Ballast Flexyglue 4oz, Art# BG0410

building a small Diorama ? This is the best size right for you ! Our Flexyglue is not only good for ballast around the track, it works it's magic as well for gravel roads and much more !

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Syringe set for N and Z scale, Art# AC01NZ


Ballast Flexyglue:







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Flexyglue sets:

16oz H0 scale set, Art# BG16H0

Best value and everything you need to get started to ballast your H0 track !

Patent Pending on Ballast Flexyglue

4oz N and Z scale set, Art# BG04NZ

Everything you need to try our product, it comes with 4oz Flexyglue, a syringe and needle. For H0 scale and scenery decoration, just leave the needle off.

Patent Pending on Ballast Flexyglue


Ballast Flexyglue 8oz, Art# BG0810

This is good for 16oz of ballast or up to 20ft of track in H0 scale, depending on your roadbed. 

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You might ask yourself, why do I need this new Flexyglue ? My old mix of wood glue, water and a drop of dish soap works just fine....

Well, it will make the ballast stay put, but it hardens like rock. Some movement and everything cracks and chips off. If you have a portable diorama, you know it well. Our glue will stay fully flexible, you can press and rub on the ballast, it wont crack or chip. The second and in my opinion the most important advantage of our Ballast Flexyglue is, that it won't transfer sound ! How many of us use a roadbed made of foam, cork, rubber or even a combination of all to achieve a good sound proofing. We buy non hardening spray adhesive to glue the layers together and fix the track on top of it. All that is eliminated by a hardening ballast glue, since it will make the ballast to become a perfect sound bridge.

Check you the video linked below.

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